“I love TOMM because I thought motherhood had turned me into a disorganised mess who didn’t have time for the house, but it showed me that I just needed a little reassurance, a plan and a support group.  I am me again”


“I’ve never had such a clean house, yet done so little cleaning!”


“It even impresses my mother.  She regularly comments how clean and tidy my house looks”


“TOMM gives me my weekends back. I can’t remember the last time that I spent hours cleaning whereas it was a weekly thing before and the house never felt clean for long. Now my house is visitor ready most of the time, or can be visitor ready in less than 15 mins! Truly life changing!”


“I finally feel in control for the first time in years”


“I love TOMM because it helped me when I thought there was no way out of the clutter and chaos that 2 small children bring.  TOMM taught me to love and take pride in my home again.”