The Organised Christmas: Week 1


🎄 Hello elves!🎄 Excited?! I am 😂

It is week 1 of the #organisedchristmas plan! If you want to have it all wrapped up come December 1st then hold my hand and I’ll guide you through the madness! Each Monday I will give you a small list for you to complete over the course of the coming week. This way it will all seem much less daunting, nice and easy does it 😀

So without further ado…

This week’s tasks are:

🎄 If you have young kids in primary school then find out when the Nativity is. This way anyone who wants to come along can make sure they book the time off work. This is particularly important for people who work shifts or work in an environment where leave has to be scheduled far in advance.

🎄 Food! I have an online delivery saver with my supermarket. And this gives me a PRIORITY Xmas delivery slot 🙌 Well worth it in my opinion! I don’t want to be stomping around the aisles fighting for my turkey! I want to be drinking wine whilst the very nice people deliver it all to my door! So if this floats your boat sign up for it this week! Check the small print and see if your supermarket gives you a priority slot.

🎄 Book your tickets to see The Big Dude in the red suit! The popular events sell out FAST! I know lots of you have already booked this is! So if you’re not already on it then get on this week! If the event you want hasn’t got tickets on sale yet then find out when they do and get it in the diary!

🎄 If you want to do more Christmassy events then research them and book them in the diary now! This way you can spread the cost and be sure they won’t get booked up! Do you always say you’ll go to a panto/go ice skating but never get round to it? This is your year folks!

… until next week!

Gem x

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