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Organised Christmas: Week 6

Organised Christmas: Week 6


Good Morning Elves!

Week 6 … only 7 more weeks to go and we will ready P-A-R-T-Y with the best of them! So let’s keep our eyes on the prize! 🥂 🤶

Are you you planning to go out this NYE? If so get it booked in now! And also get your babysitter booked!

Now the next one might sound a bit odd but stick with me …. buy some disposable baking trays this week. Look nobody wants to be scrubbing baking trays on Christmas Day (I have been known to throw caution to the wind after a couple of sherries and throw them away because I couldn’t be bothered to clean them!) and leaving them ‘to soak’ is just code for ‘I can’t be arsed doing it so here’s hoping someone will see it soaking and finish it off later’. I buy mine from the pound shop but they become scarce around Christmas and the cost of them goes up in the supermarkets … so get in early!

Lastly find a discrete, safe and easily accessible spot in your house where you can hide all the pressies. It needs to be big enough so the boxes don’t get squashed and you can store everything safely.

Have a good one … until next week 😘