Organised Christmas:Week 7


Week 7!

I’ve had a good chuckle at pics of the disposable baking trays that you’ve sent via DM this week! Keep it up elves and by December 1st you’ll be smug and drinking something festive! chin chin! 
We are over half way through the plan … so get prepared to get serious! 
 If they haven’t already done it get your kids to start writing their lists. If you have a significant other (and I can’t say this without thinking of Del and Racquel from Only Fools And Horses ) Then you need to talk to them NOW about what they want! You don’t to have a last minute scramble, panic buying them a present! This will totally ruin your festive flow! Also start dropping some pressie idea bombs yourself! I knew someone who got given a spatula for Christmas! A SPATULA! I kid you not!I saw her in Tesco on Dec 27th returning it at customer services! You do not want this to be you! 

⭐️ Don’t forget to buy popular gifts early and WRAP AS YOU GO 💪
⭐️ Aim to have pressies bought, wrapped and labelled by Dec 1st.
Until next time! Elves OUT! 

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