It is me or the house …. it can never be both…or can it?!

Am I allowed to admit that I spend more time styling and faffing with my house than I do with my nails, hair or make-up? I can’t believe I have just admitted this 😂 I can lose hours moving around furniture, only to look up realise that it is 3pm and I have to rush out of the door to do the school run. Cue me turning up at the school gates looking flustered (read: a bit sweaty)

I often see people who are flying through their day without a hair out of place. They don’t have smudged eye make-up … do I need to start using primers? (what actually ARE primers??) Oh god there is NO hope 😂

For YEARS (since I first started using makeup back in year 8) I have had the same make-up routine. Concealer, eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss (always been a vaseline girl) oh and maybe some bronzer in the Summer 🙈 So that is the same tried and tested 5 minute make up for  ….. (finger counting) TWENTY THREE BLOODY YEARS! I could apply it in my sleep … I am still using Rimmel concealer …. oh god! When I write it down !!… sorry to all the stylish people who are reading this …

So as part of project pick me up I am going to try and be more together … style wise. I always wear matching underwear though … I live in fear of being found in an aging grey pair of M&S knickers and a black bra combo! So I can’t be completely devoid of the style gene! But I am sick of my jeans falling down and constantly having to hoick them up!

So help a mum out … I share my top tips to get you organised and rocking the housework … what are your top tips for me??


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