What We’re Eating w/c Dec 11th

So after months of having my arm twisted by you guys 😜 I have decided to publish our menu plan each week. This way you can get some inspo and I can create a permanent record which I can refer to if I ever get stuck for ideas … It is a win-win! 🙌 Don’t forget that all the food I eat is dairy free 😇

Monday The easiest slow cooker chicken recipe EVER. aka THE chicken!

Tuesday Cauliflower Curry & Rice

Wednesday Slow Cooker Chilli

Thursday Red Thai Prawn Curry

Friday NO COOK FRIDAY  (mum’s night off!!) 🥂

Saturday Slow Cooker Chicken Tarragon Pasta

Sunday Slow Cooker Boozy Lamb Shanks (recipe coming soon!)

Happy cooking and eating you guys! 💋

Lunches The older boys will be having school dinners. Mike eats at work and Ben and I will have a mix of jacket potatoes, sandwiches and soups.

Breakfasts Choice of porridge, boiled eggs, croissants, fruit toast and omelettes.

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