I am going back to my roots! Next week I am going to challenge myself and clean ALL WEEK with only environmentally friendly cleaning products. Now those of you who know me will KNOW that this means no zoflora (head in a paper bag … deep breaths!!)

We have been chatting over on the Facebook Group about what everyone recommends. And thanks to all the eco-friendly cleaning pioneers I have got my shopping list at the ready!

I already know I love the Method range (apart from the spearmint loo cleaner, not too keen on that one!) so I want to try some new stuff out and see how I go.

I am a bit worried about the bleach down the loo situ.  I feel better psychologically knowing there is bleach done there … so this is going to be challenging. Wish me luck!

I am going to be vlogging about my experience, so look out for the YouTube vid coming next week ?

Speak soon … I am off to expand my horizons. ❤️