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I’m Not Naturally Organised! The History of The Organised Mum Method.

I’m Not Naturally Organised! The History of The Organised Mum Method.

The most common question I get asked in interviews is:

“Were you always this organised?”


My mum could regale you with many stories about how I was a messy teenager who did all the typical teenage things. Her favourite story is telling me (and whoever else will listen) that she once found a mouldy sandwich under my bed when I was 16! She finds it HIGHLY amusing that I now run a blog all about cleaning!  (Hi mum!)

For me, the catalyst for change was when I became a mum for the first time … 11 years ago! I remember very clearly the day that I was due to get the first postnatal visit from the midwife. I was still in pain from the birth … (Tom had a BIG head!)… I was still trying to get to grips with breastfeeding and as you can imagine, the housework was not at the top of my priority list. I remember looking around at the messy bathroom, the baby detritus everywhere and breaking into a cold sweat. I was terrified that she would think I was a bad mum .. because my taps weren’t shined.

So I shined the taps before she came … just what you want to do when you’ve got stitches! And you know what? She never used the bloody loo!

It soon became clear that I needed a way to cope with being a new mum and make sure my house didn’t resemble Primark in the sales.

So I sat down (gingerly .. did I mention Tom had a big head?!) at my kitchen table and devised a plan. I stuck it on my fridge and I have followed along ever since.

The Organised Mum Method has seen me through a divorce, three kids, owning a chip shop, working 12 hour days, 6 days a week and being a doula on 24-hour call. It really does work. I promise, you need to believe in it!

So if you find yourself thinking about giving it a go, then just jump in. You won’t look back!

Gem x