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Meal Plan 26th March … I Tried Something New!

Meal Plan 26th March … I Tried Something New!

So you all know that I REALLY like my food! You also know that I am a sucker for menu plans (and my slow cooker) so when the team at Gousto asked me to try one of their recipe boxes, I felt a bit nervous. I was a recipe box virgin!

But the whole idea behind TOMM is to get the housework done as quickly and easily as possible. So this means that I am always on the lookout for new ways to make life more efficient and to save time. So I gave it a go!


Success! It was really good fun!

I am dairy free and there were loads of recipes to chose from on the website (it was basically like looking at a menu and clicking your faves!)

Everything was neatly packed, chopped and measured and a couple of the meals were from the Ten to Table Range (the speedy 10-minute recipes)meaning they were ready in no time at all!

So why am I telling you all about this when I share my own recipes on here? Well I am all too aware that not everyone is a confident cook, you might be too busy (or find it too daunting to meal plan, so I wanted to explore other options and report back!) It would be naive of me to assume that everyone that reads this blog has a slow cooker/likes cooking or even wants to do a menu plan each week!

So for all you guys that are nodding along then Gousto is a brilliant alternative!

The portion sizes are measured, so you are not left in that situation where you are guessing how much rice to cook for four people … surely I can’t be the only one who always cooks too much rice!?

And for those of you who are slow cooker aficionados… Don’t worry this won’t be the end of the recipes on here! No need to panic!

But it is nice to know there are other options!

And the proof is definitely in the pudding (I crack myself up!) because we loved it that much that we have ordered a new box for next week! We took advantage of the 30% off code and you can too … just click HERE

So without Further Ado …Here is this week’s meal plan … 

Monday 30 second chicken

Tuesday Mike’s Birthday so we are off out!

Wednesday Potato Cakes with Crispy bacon and beans (Gousto) 

Thursday  Chicken Satay Curry With Kale Brown Rice (Gousto)

Friday No Cook Friday

Saturday  Chickpea, Butternut Squash & Apricot Tagine (Gousto)

Sunday Mackerel, Baked Ratatouille & Wheat Berries (Gousto)