Happy Sunday TeamTOMM! How is everyone keeping today? I have got a super busy week coming up, so many exciting things on the TeamTOMM horizon!

We have launched our TeamTOMM Hoodies and there are also some mega cute Future Friend mugs on sale too (but hurry because these mugs are limited editions) they are a perfect gift to yourself for February – the month of luurrvvvveeee ❤️

Don’t forget to sign up for my YouTube channel because the very first TeamTOMM Transformation airs this week – 8pm Thursday 7th February (GMT). I am so excited about this!

But with all of this going on I need to make sure everyone at home is well nourished too – so here is what we will be eating. ❤️

Sunday: Toad in the hole with mashed potato and onion gravy

Monday: Slow cooker curried cod with couscous and roasted vegetables

Tuesday: Nandos style chicken leg with sweetcorn and peri peri wedges. (chicken legs marinated and oven roasted in a Nandos marinade)

Wednesday: Slow cooker whole chicken with mashed potato and green vegetables

Thursday: Vegan pizzas

Friday: No cook Friday

Saturday: Slow ‘n’ Low ribs with potato wedges and coleslaw