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School Closure/Lockdown Daily Plan

Well, this is something I never thought I would have to write! But here goes nothing!

With the announcement of UK schools closures and lockdowns (we have TOMMers all over the world), I know that there are LOTS of you who have had their whole daily structure thrown into disarray. I will have three children aged between 4-13 to educate from home, I have to work full time from home (plus finish writing book 2) and Mike is now working from home too. Add into that the daily running of the house and trying to keep us all healthy, that is one pressure cooker of a situation!

So I am going to share with you my plan, in the hope that it will help lots of you too.

To try and get us through it as best I can I am going to sectioning my days into 4 sections. Sectioning my time into manageable chunks will help me to keep the overwhelm at bay and also help me to compartmentalise my different jobs.

Feel free to print it off via the blog. IT IS FREE TO DOWNLOAD I will put a link in my stories. (maybe you would like to laminate it!)

Good luck everyone, stay healthy and keep doing your bit for your community we CAN do this!❤️

I hope you find it useful. Good luck everyone, we CAN do this!