The Organised Time Technique

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the things you need to squeeze into your day, unproductive or stuck in a rut, The Organised Time Technique is for you.

The Organised Time Technique gives you the tools – and the headspace – you need to create a framework for your life that means you will always know where you are supposed to be, what you are supposed to be doing, and when you are supposed to be doing it. By following the plan, you will not only get everything done, but also create space for the things you want to do, but never quite manage, whether that’s taking up a new hobby, reading a book, starting a side business or simply having a long, hot bath!


 So How Does it Work?


To get the most out of The Organised Time Technique make sure that you do a Time Bootcamp.

This will reveal how much time you’re really spending on things and (dare we say it) reveal how much time you might be wasting.

You can then use your results to form a weekly plan that WORKS!

Now create your unique routine – pick your levels

Level 1 – These are the foundations of your day. The things that MUST get done. Like eating and sleeping.

Level 2 – These things are not as important as level 1 but still need to get done. Like the food shop, walking the dog or housework.

Level 3 – These are the fun things that make you smile. Hobbies, bubble baths and free time (woohoo).

 Assign a level to each task.


“TOTT builds on the foundations of The Organised Mum Method to manage your cleaning and takes it into the world of time management.

For those who are familiar with TOMM, this is a natural next step and the terminology and tips will make a lot of sense”

“TOTT is right on the button. Time units have blown my mind”

“If you waste hours in the day like me then TOTT is for you. In fact, it’s for anyone wanting to get a hold of those 24 hours we each have in a day. Gem is so down to earth and just like us that it’s refreshing she’s not pushing you to do things more like be a big sister and best friend supporting you and guiding you to live a happy life”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I’ve always said that TOMM gave me my life back but TOTT is going to give me the life I have always wanted”