About Gemma

Gemma Bray is a Sunday Times Best Selling author and has revolutionised the way others structure not only the housework but also their daily lives.

It all began 15 years ago…overwhelmed as a new mother, Gemma’s anxiety manifested itself as over-cleaning and she soon found herself cleaning for hours each day.

Determined to stop cleaning from taking over her life she sat at her kitchen table and developed a housekeeping method that took only 30 minutes a day (with weekends off!). She stuck her new way of cleaning on the fridge and freed herself from her never-ending to-do lists. She went on to expand her method into The Organised Time Technique, which will get even the most frazzled of lives running like clockwork!

More than a decade on, and with two best-selling books and two best selling apps under her belt, she is helping parents all around the world free themselves from the overwhelm.

“I love being part of the TOMM community, it is such an antidote to the ‘picture perfect’ homes sometimes portrayed.  I love Gem’s mantra of ‘good enough is good enough’ and often find myself repeating it just my mins!  TOMM is achievable!”


“I love TOMM because it changed my life.  It gave me the best Christmas I’ve ever had, and I hosted it!!!  I was able to give my husband the best Christmas pressie he’s ever had because I had time to arrange everything and to think about it annnnnnnd it’s what I’ve been looking for my whole adult life.  It’s an adulting manual.  It’s the best thing since all things!!”


“Life changing for me!  No longer do I dread someone coming round unexpectedly”


“I love TOMM because it is really easy to follow, fun to do and it really works!  It also helps curb my anxiety and stops me over cleaning and panicking about mess.  TOMM has taught me that a messy house can still be a clean house by doing just 30 mins each day.  I have been following for over a year and it has changed my life. I’ll be forever in Gemma’s debt”