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Milk-Free American Style Pancakes

Quick, fuss-free, Milk-free American Style pancakes? Yes PLEASE!

Slow Cooker Beef Brisket

This is such a firm fave in the Bray household and it is SO EASY! I mean EASY! You can print the recipe out for…

Apple & Chicken Salad

Add a fruity twist to your lunch!


I know how much you all love your meal plans – so to make life a little more organised for you (see what I did…

Slow Cooker Gunpowder Potatoes

Being dairy-free means that I very often have to recreate my favourite dishes without the dairy and often it can take a few tweaks. Not…

Cranberry Gravy

This gravy gives a whole new dimension to sausage and mash and would also go AMAZINGLY well with the 30 Second Lemon Chicken! 

Slow Cooker Aubergine & Lentil Pasta

It is so hot in the UK right now, so there is no way you’ll find me cooking over a stove in this heat! So…