• Dishwasher Top Tips

    Dishwasher Top Tips
  • Slow Cooker Gunpowder Potatoes

    Slow Cooker Gunpowder Potatoes
  • Clean Sheet Tuesday Vlog

    Clean Sheet Tuesday Vlog
  • Meal Plan w/c: 25th March

    Meal Plan w/c: 25th March
  • Vlog: Radio, kitchen day, self-care!

    Vlog: Radio, kitchen day, self-care!

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Housekeeping Tips

Save time, money and your sanity with these housekeeping tips!

Dishwasher Top Tips

I know that (call me psychic!) many of you will have discussions in your home about the ‘correct’ way to load a dishwasher. It can…

Clean Sheet Tuesday Vlog

So many of you are asking for more videos showing you exactly how I fit TOMM into my days. So I thought I would start…

The Pink Stuff in Your Bathroom: No Not THAT Pink …

We all know about the black type of mould that can appear in the bathroom and many a TOMMer has asked the best way to…

Episode 2 TeamTOMM Transformation

This week we are with Liz who needs to tackle a full Messy House Bootcamp …. it is a CORKER!

TeamTOMM Transformations Episode 1

We went to visit Sally in London and helped her launch an attack on the piles of kids clothes she had been keeping – TeamTOMM…

My Fave Kitchen Cleaning Tips

These 5 tips are HANDS DOWN my favourites on kitchen cleaning day (also known as Thursday on TeamTOMM )

How to Clean Your Log Burner Glass

Want a quick and easy way to clean you log burner glass? This will help!