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Cleaning Videos

See TOMM in action!

Make Your Oven Shine!

Does your oven look a bit dull? Is the glass a little lack lustre? Do you want to see them cakes baking?!  👇

My Morning Routine | TOMM before 8:30am?!

You have been asking me for ages to do a new morning routine video so here it is!

How I do it: Hallway Day!

Here’s another cleaning video for you! (I know you LOVE them!) This time it is all about how I tackle my Wednesdays on The Organised…

Clean Sheet Tuesday Vlog!

I know how you all love to see how I do it! Come with me as I tackle the formidable beast known as Clean Sheet…

Friday Focus: Master Bedroom

  Another video showing you how I tackle TOMM … this time it is Friday Focus day and I am in the master bedroom.    

Living Room Day! See How I Do It!

So many people have commented on the fact that I have a white sofa, three kids and a dog … I think some of you…

See How I Do It! Friday Focus: Bathrooms!

See TOMM in action, as I deep clean the bathrooms on Friday Focus day!