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Book a one-to-one session with Gem


Do you want tailored advice from Gem? Would you like Gem to help you TOTT your time, help you with TOMM or maybe a combo of the two?

All private sessions take place over video call and are in the strictest confidence. When you book we’ll ask you to answer some questions so that Gem can tailor your session to suit your individual needs.

Cost: £80

What you get:

Two video calls with Gem split into an initial 45 minute call and a 15 minute follow up call a couple of weeks later. After the initial call you will receive your personal TeamTOMM Toolkit. This will include strategies and advice from Gem to help you achieve your goals.

Want further sessions to help keep you on track?

Further sessions cost £35 per 30 minutes.

Want to book or want more info? Please email us at [email protected] and we’ll be in touch really soon.

“I love TOMM because it has completely changed my house (and life).  Nearly 2 years of TOMM and I have never looked back.  Everything is organised and I don’t feel that the housework is never-ending.  30 minutes on a weekday plus 10 – 15 minutes on live 1 jobs each day is more than manageable and has changed the whole way the house runs.  I literally recommend it to anyone that will listen!”


“I love TOMM because it’s given me my life (and sanity) back!”


“I love TOMM because it makes me feel in control and I know my house is getting a proper clean.  I am always prepared for last minute visitors.  I have my weekends back so I can spend time with my family instead of cleaning all day Saturday.  I really wish I had of discovered it sooner but it’s in my life now and and here to stay!  Thank you Gem”