Here is a list of your most asked questions. If you have a question that isn’t covered here, don’t be shy and get in touch. I won’t bite ?

Is The Organised Mum Method just for mums? 

Nope and here’s why ….. Why you don’t have to be a mum (or even a female!) to follow The Organised Mum Method

There seems like a lot do in the 30 minutes. I don’t think I am going to get it all done! 

Don’t worry! The way the method works means that the longer you follow it, the cleaner your home will become! Meaning that pretty soon you’ll be whizzing through the list in your 30 mins. This is because you’ll be keeping on top of all areas of your home on a regular basis! If you think your home is in need of some emergency help then maybe start with the 1 Week Boot Camp! For When You’ve Lost Control of The Housework! and then you can move onto The Organised Mum Method

Also look at the list as a pick and mix of jobs. Start by assessing what needs doing as a priority and then do those first.

What about bathrooms??

Bathrooms get done daily as part of the level 1 jobs. You don’t need to do the same things every day. Make sure you change it up so all parts of the bathroom gets some attention. And don’t forget there is a Friday Focus for the bathrooms too. This will help to get stuff done like clenaing out the bathroom cabinet!

My home needs some SERIOUS help. I have let it get out of control! Please HELP! 

Take a deep breath! Remember you won’t be able to fix it all in one day. You need The 1 Week Boot Camp! Once you’ve done that your house will look awesome and you can follow the daily method

I am new to all this cleaning malarky .. I need specific advice on HOW to clean! 

You need to join the Facebook Group. I am on the there daily and there are loads of people who are on hand to offer advice! You can also pop over to My YouTube Channel where there are lots of vids about my top cleaning products, top tips and much more!

What are your top cleaning products?

You’ll often find me talking about my current faves over on my Instagram page

I work long hours/shifts/have a young baby and find it hard to fit in 30 mins, what can I do?

Ok you might need to be a little creative here to try and shoe-horn cleaning into your schedule but once you have been doing it a while it will become part of your normal routine. How about splitting it into chunks, say 3 x 10 mins or 2 x 15 mins .. that way it will be much less daunting!

When Do You Iron????

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that ironing isn’t featured. That is because I hate it and try to avoid it as much as I possibly can! I iron as I go along and NEVER let it build up … but I also have some top tips on how to keep your ironing pile as small as possible!

Do I have to pay to download the printables? Do I need to subscribe? What’s the catch? 

It is 100% completely free! The only thing I would LOVE you to do is share the method on your social media pages so that as many people as possible can join in too!