• Dishwasher Top Tips

    Dishwasher Top Tips
  • Slow Cooker Gunpowder Potatoes

    Slow Cooker Gunpowder Potatoes
  • Clean Sheet Tuesday Vlog

    Clean Sheet Tuesday Vlog
  • Meal Plan w/c: 25th March

    Meal Plan w/c: 25th March
  • Vlog: Radio, kitchen day, self-care!

    Vlog: Radio, kitchen day, self-care!

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Slow Cooker Gunpowder Potatoes

Being dairy-free means that I very often have to recreate my favourite dishes without the dairy and often it can take a few tweaks. Not…

Meal Plan: 4th Feb…Plus Hoodies, Mugs and a New …

Happy Sunday TeamTOMM! How is everyone keeping today? I have got a super busy week coming up, so many exciting things on the TeamTOMM horizon!…

Meal Plan w/c: 28th Jan

January is going on FOREVER!!! Last bit of Jan this week and then we are into the loveable month of February. Made even more loveable…

Menu Plan: w/c 3rd Dec

We are all feeling a tad stuffed from yesterday’s fake Christmas, so writing this menu plan was a bit tricky! But I powered through 🤣 Here…

Meal Plan w/c: 26th Nov

Happy Sunday TOMMers! I hope you are enjoying a fab weekend ❤️ We have a busy and exciting week ahead at home. Saturday sees the…

Meal Plan w/c 5th Nov

Happy weekend TOMMers! I hope everyone is out there having a blast and not having to worry about the housework 🙂 Don’t forget that week…

Cranberry Gravy

This gravy gives a whole new dimension to sausage and mash and would also go AMAZINGLY well with the 30 Second Lemon Chicken!