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    Meal Plan w/c 18th Feb
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    Episode 2 TeamTOMM Transformation
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My first day

So I've bought every product off splosh. I love the idea of reusing the bottles and them sending refills in the post. Any one else tried them yet? I'm yet to use them as I want to use up what I have.

Posted : 30/10/2018 12:03 am
Moderator Admin

I am currently trying them and really like the bathroom and kitchen cleaner. Could take or either the loo cleaner I think (I prefer clear loo cleaners). 

Posted : 30/10/2018 6:43 am
My first day

Iv'e been using all their stuff for a few months now and love it. The loo cleaner is a new one I've just got and it does do the job but I think the tesco Eco one is a tiny bit better. But I think I'll keep on using the Splosh one as I hate creating waste when I don't need too. 

Posted : 30/10/2018 3:25 pm
My first day
  • I have received mine this week, not so keen on the toilet cleaner, I normally use bleach so used to applying leave flush then done, but the toilet cleaner you also need to scrub, I have no toilet brushes 😲 not tried the rest yet x
Posted : 31/10/2018 2:11 pm

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