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NEW FOREST Buddies to help each other de-clutter  

My first day Registered

Hello Everyone,

Anyone from the New Forest - anywhere between Lymington (Hampshire) and Christchurch (Dorset)? I read all the comments about 15 mins / 30 mins and think "WOW, they're speedy!". I could never manage this. I may be in an older age group (but very young at heart-early 60's) and whilst I don't have young children, I do work full time from home in my little office at the bottom of the garden. I can't say that our house is dirty but I definitely could do with a serious de-cluttering. It's not that all the rooms look untidy, but all wardrobes, drawers, etc are filled with stuff that barely get a look in. I often mean to start having a clear out but find the thought of it really overwhelming and never keep to my promise. Where do I start? And when I start i don't keep to it and get distracted with another area of the house and nothing gets done... AAAGGGHHH

One idea though... would anyone close to me have the same 'issue' and could do with a bit of help getting started? How about helping each other a bit at a time in each other's house? Not asking for huge commitment on another person's time. It's often easier to offer 'advice' to someone else rather than applying it to yourself and it would be nice/fun to have someone say "why on earth do you need to keep this rubbish?".

Anyone interested? Would love to hear your views 😉 

Posted : 13/06/2019 3:30 pm
TOMMer Registered

Dear FroggyD,

I am not in the new Forest but I am in a similar position to you with regard to decluttering. I don't know if you might be interested in virtual mutual support? I am trying to get myself sorted out post studying and everywhere is so full of stuff collected while I have been studying for the last 7 years (part time) and not doing anything else that I now need to do a purge! 

I am beginning to get on with it now this morning.. but it is going to be a long job. What about you? Are you getting sorted by now with all your things? 

Best wishes 

Posted : 24/06/2019 4:13 am

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