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Anyone in the United States?  

TOMMer Registered


I am in the United  States and if anyone is looking for a buddy? I love Team Tomm, I have been following Gemma for almost a year now and I love her method. It has made our family life so much more enjoyable. I am not nearly as stressed and can actually enjoy my family time as well as Housework free weekends! 


Posted : 12/03/2019 7:05 pm Jangel liked
My first day Registered

I’m in Chicago 😀 

Posted : 13/03/2019 2:44 pm HollyLinson04 liked
My first day Registered

Dallas, Texas!

I'm new to TOMM.  On my 2nd week, kind of new! I did tweak the days so that I can make better use of my schedule. But after trying other schedules & chore lists, including my own, this so far is working the best for me.

Posted : 13/03/2019 5:57 pm HollyLinson04 liked
My first day Registered

Seattle Washington!

I've been trying this out for a few weeks now and I love it! Each week gets more efficient which equals a cleaner home (and free weekends!) Woohoo!

Posted : 13/03/2019 7:57 pm HollyLinson04 liked
My first day Registered

I'm in the Seattle, Washington area and have been following on/off for about 6 months. I love this method, as well! Still trying to adjust the days to fit my schedule best but would love to have a way to stay accountable/encourage each other.

Posted : 13/03/2019 11:04 pm HollyLinson04 and mmstricks liked
TOMMer Registered

I am in Vancouver, Washington. I am on  Instagram if you guys want to follow. I am still loving Teqm Tomm so much. House is so clean. 😀 

Posted : 24/05/2019 7:01 am

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